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Meet Our Coffee Shop Staff

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Since Community Grounds began, we’ve had some fabulous staff work behind our counter. We thought today on the blog, we’d introduce you to our current team. In the area? Stop by the shop and say hello!



Has worked at Community Grounds: since July 2014

School: Western Governor’s University – Business Management

Favorite drink? Tirimasu Rocky

What do you enjoy most working here? How much technical precision and artistry it takes to be an excellent barista. And that look on someone’s face when you nail it!

Favorites outside of work? Performing with the Awalim Dance Company, costume & jewelry design, and reading a really excellent book.



Has worked at Community Grounds: 1 year

School: Georgia Perimeter College

Favorite drink? A caramel mocha (aka The Turtle!)

What do you enjoy most working here? Talking to customers and getting to know them on a personal level, which can be very entertaining!

Favorites outside of work? Fitness, reading, and spending time with friends



Has worked at Community Grounds: 3 years

School: Georgia State University – Film

Favorite drink? A caramel latte frappe

What do you enjoy most working here? The customers!

Favorites outside of work? Film, friends, and the movies



Has worked at Community Grounds: since September 2014

School: Georgia State University

Favorite drink? An Americano

What do you enjoy most working here? Getting to interact with customers and seeing familiar faces

Favorites outside of work? Drawing, creating art, and camping



Has worked at Community Grounds: since August 2014

School: West Lake High School, starting Georgia State University in the fall

Favorite drink? A breve Rocky

What do you enjoy most working here? Meeting new customers

Favorites outside of work? Working out, dancing, and skating

To the Next Generation of Community Developers

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By Katie Delp

I knew during college that I wanted to pursue a life committed to service, justice, and community development. After graduating from Texas Tech with a degree in business degree, I had decided to spend a year working and living in Atlanta with Mission Year.


Even though that service program was only a year, I always knew I wanted to be in this for the long haul. Fifteen years later, I am still working and living in Atlanta, trying to pursue a life committed to service, justice, and community development.


Image credit: Doug

Image credit: Doug


At FCS, I often hear from young adults with similar passions and eagerness that I had during college. As I reflect on the ways I joined in this life, I know there were a few things that have supported and sustained me throughout the years.


Move in with a community.


You’ll have insider knowledge into the assets and challenges of a community when you live there. However, moving into the city alone (or even with a few friends) can be challenging to sustain. Find a program or a group of people already living in the neighborhood to join in with for support and greater impact.


Participate in church.


Connecting to a faith community helps keep you rooted and can offer support and inspiration as you live out your values. There is no perfect church for all who move into the neighborhood, but it can be a valuable place to develop relationships and nurture your spirituality.


Develop your skills.


A desire to participate in developing stronger communities is a job requirement. And the work is multi-faceted, requiring skills from many different people. Find out where you are gifted and develop those skills with the neighborhood in mind.


I used a business degree to focus on nonprofit management. I have also seen neighbors offer skills of photography, legal advice, or youth mentorship to the neighborhood. Many of these folks brought their skills to the community outside of their day jobs.


Learn local culture.


As cities continue to grow in diversity, many involved in community development encounter cultures different from their own. Learn from others with backgrounds similar to those represented in your community to help you understand your context in new ways. Some starter ideas include reading different authors and bloggers, watching films, and attending cultural events.


Take it slow.


Community development is long-term work and does not happen overnight. There are benefits to listening first and waiting a year or more before jumping into action or taking on leadership responsibilities. You will earn the respect of neighbors and have a clarified lens through which to make decisions about where to invest your time and energy.


I love the excitement and fresh passion of young adults eager to participate in neighborhood change. In fact, we’d love to meet you and talk more about community transformation at our upcoming Open House.

5 Must-Read Bloggers You Should Know

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Living and working cross-culturally, it’s vital to listen and learn from a variety of voices. February is Black History Month and specifically emphasizes the contributions of African American innovators, writers, activists, and more to society.


To celebrate Black History Month here on the blog, we thought we’d highlight a few (modern day) African American bloggers to add to your online reading!




Christena Cleveland – Christena is a social psychologist, author, speaker, and professor at Bethel University. She writes on diversity and reconciliation.


Austin Channing – Austin is a racial reconciler and worked with two Willow Creek Community Church campuses, developing strategies and programming around multiculturalism.


Efrem Smith – Efrem is a pastor and author, who currently serves as the President and CEO of World Impact. He address topics of multi-ethnicity, leadership, and community development.


Brenda Salter McNeil – Brenda is a pastor and professor at Seattle Pacific University. She seeks to inspire and equip young Christian leaders to practice reconciliation and to build communities that partner with God to bring relational healing and social wholeness.


Jackie Bledsoe – Jackie is a husband, father, and blogger. He desires to help overwhelmed husbands and fathers learn to have fulfilling marriages and meaningful influence on their kids.


We hope you enjoy these passionate writers and thinkers. Of course, this list doesn’t even attempt to be exhaustive. What bloggers would you add?

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Meet Our Coffee Shop Staff

Since Community Grounds began, we’ve had some fabulous staff work behind our counter. We thought today on the blog, we’d introduce you to our current team. In the area? Stop by the shop and say… Continue reading


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